Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

High efficiency Centrifugal Fans available with different blades configuration like FORWARD CURVED BLADE, BACKWARD CURVED BLADE, BACKWARD CURVED AEROFOL BLADE, BACKWARD INCLINED BLADE, RADIAL BLADE AND RADIAL BLADE WITHOUT SHROUD  for different application.

Fans can be available in SS/MS/ALUMINIUM/FRP construction, consisting of a wheel or a rotor mounted on a shaft that rotates in a scroll shaped housing. Air enters at the eye of the rotor, make a right angle turn, and is forced through the blades of the rotor by centrifugal force to the fan. The centrifugal force imports static pressure to the air. The diverging shape of the scroll also converts a portion of the velocity pressure into static pressure.


RADIAL-BLADE FANS : Radial Blade fans are used for heavy dust loads. Their straight, radial blades do not get clogged with material and withstand considerable abrasion. These fans have medium tip speeds and medium noise factors.

BACKWARD BLADE FANS : Backward –blade fans operate at higher tip speed and thus are more efficient. Since material may build up on blades, these fans should be used after a dust collector. Although they generate more noise than radial blade fans. Backward blade fans are commonly used for large volume of dust collection systems because of their efficiency.

LIMIT LOAD TYPE FANS : These Fans have LL type curved blades that are tipped in the direction of rotation. They develop higher air volume at low tip speeds with minimum noise. They are usually used against low to moderate static pressure.

CAPACITIES : 100 m3  /hr. to 3,00,000 m3 /hr. at a pressure of 10 mmWG to 1400 mmWG.

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