Axial Flow Fans and Spares

Axial Flow Fans and Spares

Axial Flow Fans are used is systems that have low resistance levels. These fans move the air parallel to the fan’s axis of rotation. The screw like action of the propellers move the air in a straight through parallel path, causing a helical flow pattern.


These fans are used to move large quantities of air against very low static pressure. They are usually used for general exhaust ventilation or dilution ventilation at free air delivery condition. In propeller type fans – blades are fitted on motor shaft mounted on steel frame.

TUBE AXIAL FANS : Tube axial fans are similar to propeller fans except they are mounted in a tube or cylinder. Therefore, this type of fans  are more efficient than propeller fans and can develop static pressure upto 3 to 4 in.wg (743.3 to 995 pa). These fans are best suited for moving air containing substances such as condensable fumes or pigments. Impeller blades are of cast aluminium (LM-6).

VANE AXIAL FANS : Vane axial fans are similar to tube axial fans except air straightening vanes are installed on the discharge side of the rotor. They are easily adopted to multistaging and can develop static pressure as high as 14 to 16 in. wg (3.483 to 3.98 k pa). They are normally used for clean air only. Aerofoil bladed axial flow fans, high strength aluminium alloy casting blades. Fixed blade and adjustable both are available.

These fans are suitable for ventilation systems, exhaust, air washer system, workshops, warehouses, tunnel ventilation etc. and so on.

CAPACITIES : 1000m3/hr. to 2,00,000 m3/hr. at a pressure of 10mmWG to 150 mm WG.

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