Spray Painting Booth

Spray Painting Booth

Over the last 10 years, Industrial Air Filtration & Ventilation (IAF&V) offered Engineered solutions to the industry with high quality, reliable spray booths. Our commitments to the end users of our products has not changed, nor will it ever.

There are 2 types of Paint Booths available in the market “Wet Type” & “Dry Type”. Basically wet type booths are required high maintenance and need to install “Water Treatment Plant” to drain the used water in time to time. Also wet type is having old design, this is the reason , we concentrated on Dry Type Paint Booths which are modern in design and much less maintenance require.

Dry type booth are made either with natural Draft or with Force Draft System. The intake air is filtered before entering inside the Booths and the over spray paint with Fumes trapped in paint Arrest Filters. We used all imported Filters to manufacture a booth. These Dry Type Booths are either having side draft or down draft system considering the various applications in the Industry, Motor Garage etc.  User of Paint Booths are Steel Industry, Foundry & Forging, Automotive, Furniture, Aerospace, Heavy Fabrication & Machining Industries, Valve & Fittings Industries , Motor Garages etc. and so on.

We also offer Electrically paint Drying system either in a common Booth or separate Drying Booth. IAF&V Engineered Solutions mission is to bring the highest quality products, innovative solutions and engineered products to its distribution network with a relentless pursuit of maintaining customers for life. IAF&V values innovation, extensive research and testing, craftsmanship and building partnership wherever we go.

Our business is more than manufacturing quality products. We have united the most brilliant and gifted engineers from the industry, a creative product innovation team, exceptional customer service experts and strong leaders who remain committed to serving our distribution partners as they grow, and their needs expand.

IAF&V is an industry leading engineering company that manufactures paint booths with a wide range of applications for a diverse and growing market place. Our booth configuration are all optimized to deliver a clean, safe & more productive working environment. We offer a full products line of performance based paint booths that have been built with premium components and are delivered to you with all of the required hardware for quick and easy installation.

IAF&V works restlessly, making sure their customer needs are met, regardless of their application. We provide short lead times, impeccable technical support and customer service and accurate and timely quotes within your budget constraints. Our Paint Booths specialists can help you decide the best booth configuration and features that align with the goals and objectives of each projects or needs of your facility. By working with IAF&V, you are partnering with an industry leader committed to decreasing your costs and increasing your profits.

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